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  • Are you a new leader who is excited yet would benefit from support to navigate this role optimally?
  • Are you a small buisness owner ready to have a big impact yet hoeing it alone?
  • Are you at an age or stage in your life where you are seeking more meaning or congruence?
  • Do the choices you make result in the life you want?

Whether you are a new leader, independent business owner or someone in transition - pitching to your strengths and making intentional choices are at the heart of success and happiness.  Many of us work hard, climb the ladder, live the life defined as success yet we are exhausted and seek more satisfaction.  We want something more, long to feel good about oursleves and our place in the world and wonder why that is not happening.

The key to life is not working harder or more - the key is to manage your energy, value who you are, and make choices that are in harmony with that.  Satisfaction, success and a sense of meaning come when you recognize and capitalize on your strengths, identify your fields of influence and take responsibility for the choices you make.  

That's where I come in.  As the founder of Cogan Coaching, I am committed to your professional and personal success. As both a social psychologist and a coach I work with you to find a more direct and rewarding path to the life you want.  



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