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Career Coaching

Before the Interview

Searching for the next job or making a career change can feel overwhelming and often disappointing. Maggie understands the impact these feelings have on confidence and ultimately motivation to continue searching, let alone land the right job at the right time. Her career coaching services are tailored to each client by helping to discover purpose, articulate personal brand, and strategically pursue opportunities.

Why Career Coaching?

  • You've been applying for jobs for weeks and have not been extended an interview

  • You've made it to final round interviews several times but have not been offered the job

  • You're considering a career change and don't know how to translate current experience to an entirely new field or function

  • You want clarity on your long-term career goals and purpose

  • You know you're not in the right place but don't know where to begin

What to Expect?

  • In-depth discussion exploring your personal history, work history, and values

  • Exercises designed to uncover your purpose in life

  • Exercises designed to illuminate and communicate your personal brand

  • Drafting and re-drafting your resume, cover letter, and/or bio

  • Developing a strategic plan to achieve your career goals and meeting at regular intervals to discuss progress, setbacks, and redirect

Curriculum Vitae
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