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Leadership Coaching


What Clients Say

  • "Maggie asks the right questions, provides the right level of feedback, and yet puts you in the driver seat, supporting you on the journey with motivation and empowerment."

  • "I immediately felt comfortable with Maggie, and it was obvious from the get-go that she would be real with me."

  • "She helped me develop new tools to utilize and establish well-needed boundaries in my role as manager/supervisor at work."

Why Leadership Coaching?

If you are motivated to achieve a goal, resolve a problem, or explore your potential, Leadership Coaching is a great option. Here are some example scenarios:

  • You're a new manager and are seeking to build capacity and your manager "tool kit"

  • You have a lot on your plate and are struggling to manage your time/meet the demands of work and life 

  • You're in a difficult situation or have a high stakes decision to make 

  • You're ambitious and want to plan the next few steps in your career to achieve a professional goal

  • You're getting passed up for leadership opportunities despite your best efforts

  • Managing people and/or managing up is creating emotional turmoil

What to Expect?

The work will take place during our one-on-one sessions, on the job, and occasionally outside of both. Developing yourself (also known as change!) is not easy and requires high motivation, resilience and drive. Maggie will be there along the way to hear you, support you, and celebrate wins, but she will also be direct, holding you accountable to your vision and potential.

  • We'll take stock of where you are currently through a combination of stakeholder interviews, assessments, and discovery discussions

  • We'll build awareness and prioritize learning by identifying patterns and uncovering insights

  • We'll build on your new found understanding by designing strategies and plans to achieve your goals

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